Saxoman Sax Course

Lead by Kelvin Yeung and a group of saxophonist acitivitly paticipate in jazz and popular music performance.

Kelvin found the Hong Kong Saxophone Association (www.sax.org.hk) in 2008, as the chairman and director of Jazz studies, he has been responsible for conducting Jazz Ensembles, teaching courses in jazz improvisation, jazz history,  jazz tunes and coaching combos. He oversees the course of study for the Saxophone and Jazz courses, and in 2010 created the Jacats Jazz Sax Big Band.  In 2015, Blaine Whittaker, one of the most sought after saxophonists in Asia joined the team to conduct professional level saxophone course.

Fonder & Chairman- 
Hong Kong Saxophone Association
Sing Sing Sing Sax Ensembles
Jacats Jazz Big Band
Big Band & Jazz Sax Awards