Beginner Saxophone Course 

Beginner Saxophone

$270/lesson 45 mins


Course outline

What is the course about?

You will be introduced to the fundamentals of saxophone playing, note-reading and improvisation, and develop these skills as the course progresses.

You will also be able to develop a good instrumental technique and sound, music reading, musicianship skills, and you will be arranged to join a sax ensemble playing in due course


What topics will we cover?

- Developing playing techniques: embouchure, breath control and tonguing
- Learning to play a selection of notes on the saxophone
- Studying relevant music theory and reading music for saxophone
- Learning to listen and count time as you play
- Developing practice methods: long notes, scales, studies
- A range of repertoire in popular styles 
- Simple improvisation.

- Appropriate use of scales e.g. blues, minor, mixolydian,etc., in improvisation
- Playing broken chords and chord theory
- Technical aspects of playing the instrument
- Aspects of related musicianship, e.g. counting, listening, reading
- What to practise, and how to practice
- Transposing skills
- Contribution to group performance.


By the end of this course you should be able to:

- Demonstrate the ability to play and read a range of pieces for the saxophone
- Hold a part within a group
- Demonstrate an increase in confidence and ability to improvise short phrases
- Understand basic musical ideas.

- Demonstrate improved confidence in your ability to play 
- Play pop songs, classcal pieces and jazz standards,
- Demonstrate improved tone and stamina
- Improvise in a variety of musical contexts
- Enter saxophone examinations if you wish to
- Perform with the ensemble.


What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?

This course is ideal for beginners, so no previous knowledge of saxophone playing is expected. Any musical or band experience will be of advantage, though.

How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?

This is a course in one to one basis, taught through demonstration, during this course you will play in unison and simple part work; there will be use of a lot of printed and recorded music, sometimes with piano and/or a backing track.


You will be arranged to play with other students in ensemble format, and learn from one another. Practice between classes will be essential to your progress, you are expected to do so between classes.


How about the lesson schedule?

Flexible schedule. Our lesson schedule is always busy, but we love helping sax lovers of all levels and ages so somehow we always find time to fit you in.


Do I need to have an music experience before I can enrol?


Is there anything I need to bring? Are there any other costs?

We can provide a instrument to you in class, no adcitional cost(mouthpiece and reed should use your own), assistant will be given on buying a instrument. You are welcome to bring your own instrument too.


Students will be expected to make space and time for practice. A music stand ,tuner and metronome are essential for practice at home.


What's the approximate duration to finish this Level?

Apporximately 1 year, depends of your progress


What feedback will I get?

You will receive regular feedback throughout the course, as and when appropriate.  You will be arranged with some opportunities to perform.


When I've finished, what course can I do next?

The next course to progress onto is Intermediate Saxophone. 

When the course is complete, you should be at a level to enter saxophone examinations at your wish.