Intermediate Saxophone Course

Intermediate Saxophone 

$345/lesson, 45 mins


Course outline

What is the course about?

This course will help extend your technique and repertoire of tunes and improve your musicianship, building upon the work covered in Saxophone Beginner Course. You will be part of a saxophone ensemble capable of performing a variety of music, standard tunes and quartet arrangements, with improvisation where appropriate, you will continue to develop your solo playing and musicianship as a progression.


What topics will we cover?

- An understanding of the saxophone in popular and contemporary music
- Structured use of scales, harmony and theory
- Learn jazz standard tunes
- Extend your ability to improvise
- Saxophone ensemble work
- Routines for practice.
- Exercises to develop your musicianship.

- Structured use of all 12 major and minor keys
- focus on jazz styles
- Ability to write your own music exercises
- Regular opportunity to improvise
- Expand your repertoire of tunes.


By the end of this course you should be able to:

-  Show improvement in your control of tone, volume and intonation
- Play written parts in sax ensemble arrangements
- Improvise over a given chord sequence (with and without music)
- Memorise your study tunes and perform them
- Recognise essential chord sequences and demonstrate an understanding of the theory behind them.
- Perform with the ensemble with confidence.

- Lead / direct a saxophone ensemble and tune it up
- Demonstrate improved tone and musicianship skills
- Design a personal practice plan for future development
- Enjoy more performance experience
- Improvise with greater ease and confidence



What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?

Ideally you have completed beginner saxophone study. You should be able to read music, adept in a range of keys, keep time, play in tune and be able to function in an ensemble. Improvising experience helpful but not compulsory. Technical requirements include: familiar with common major scales and their relative minors; the blues scale; play with the following articulations: tongued, slurred, swing time.



How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?

You will be taught through weekly practice of technical matters, memorising tunes, section playing and soloing. Technical practice week to week and learning of tunes is essential.


Is there anything I need to bring? Are there any other costs?

we can provide a instrument to you in class, no adcitional cost(mouthpiece and reed should use your own). You are welcome to bring your own instrument too.

Students will be expected to make space and time for practice. A music stand ,tuner and metronome are essential for practice at home.


How about the lesson schedule?

Flexible schedule. Our lesson schedule is always busy, but I love helping sax lovers of all levels and ages so somehow we always find time to fit you in.


Do I need to have an interview before I can enrol?

No, but ideally you should have completed Beginner Saxophone course.  Please contact me about drop-in sessions.


What's the approximate duration to finish this Level?

Apporximately 1 year, depends of your progress


What feedback will I get?

You will receive regular feedback throughout the course, as and when appropriate.  You will be arranged with some opportunities to perform. Performances allow you to assess your own progress and set future goals.


When I've finished, what course can I do next?

You can progress on to Advanced Saxophone, ensemble classes such as Introduction to big band playing, specialist classes such as Exploring harmony and ear training and Jazz harmony and ear training. You should be at a level to enter saxophone examinations at your wish.