Wedding Saxophone Course 

Wedding Saxophone Course

$270/lesson, 45 mins


Course outline

What is the course about?

Want to play a song to your beloved one in your wedding ceremony or a proposal of marriage?  This is the right course for you! You will be introduced to the fundamentals of saxophone playing, simple note-reading, basic instrumental technique, way to produce a sound and the musicianship skills required on stage.  


We wll also help you to choose a song for your performance,  and also help to prepare the necessary music score and backing track for you, in order to have a memorable performance for your beloved one.


What topics will we cover?

- Choose song to perform, arrange music score and backing track

- Developing playing techniques: embouchure, breath control and tonguing
- Learning to play all the required notes in the songs 
- Basic counting and reading music for saxophone
- Learning to listen and play with the backing track
- Developing intensive practice methods: long notes, scales, studies

- Aspects of related musicianship, e.g. counting, listening, reading
- What to practise, and how to practice

- Some technical aspects of playing the instrument


By the end of this course you should be able to:

- Have ability to perform a song in your wedding banquet or proposal function with confident
- Understand basic musicianship

- Gain increased interest in playing saxophone and music


What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?

This course is ideal for bridegroom or bride without previous knowledge of saxophone.  Any musical or band experience will be of advantage, though.


How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?

This is a course in one to one basis, taught through demonstration, during this course you will learn to play in unison at first, then learn to play along a backing track if possible.


How about the lesson schedule?

 Flexible schedule. Our lesson schedule is always busy, but we love helping you to have a great performance in your wedding banquet or marriage proposal, so somehow we always find time to fit you in. 


Do I need to have an music experience before I can enrol?


Is there anything I need to bring? Are there any other costs?

We can provide a instrument to you in class, no additional cost(mouthpiece and reed should use your own). You can rent a sax from us for home practice; assistant will be given on buying a instrument, you are welcome to bring your own instrument too.


Students will be expected to make space and time for practice. A music stand ,tuner and metronome are essential for practice at home.


What's the approximate duration to finish this Level?

At least 4 months, ideally is around 9 months to 1 year, depends of your progress